Oh my word

Cameron said the NHS was safe in his hands

When the Tories under Cameron said the NHS was safe in their hands most sensible people knew it was a lie. The truth about how they see the NHS is now starting to seep out, but sadly by the time of the next General election in 2020 it will be too late to do anything about it. Unless something unusual happens, in 2020 all of the profitable parts of the NHS will be in private hands with our taxes subsidizing those companies, Virgin Care is one such company.

This is what a Tory MEP is telling America about the NHS. This needs to be shared, it is gob smacking.

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Here we go again

The Queen just announced that private companies can lock people up, and nobody noticed

“Our prisons are in crisis and are in desperate need of reform. But, as the lesson of academies should have taught us, reforming public services by opening the door to private interests will only serve profit, not people.”

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Quite right too

Corbyn got it right

For years I have never understood the why the leader of my party should even think they should be seen to be exchanging niceties with the opposition on this day. The Tories under Cameron are vile, I am so pleased Corbyn did the right thing by ignoring him.

Have a look at the picture. Have you ever felt embarrassed, guilty or isolated and how did you deal with the situation? I bet you tried to look cool and unruffled but your tongue gave you away. I think Cameron’s reaction to being snubbed by Corbyn gave him away. Simply put, he didn’t know how to deal with it. A man under pressure I think. Not as smart as he thinks he is, I think. A man of no substance I think. A man who knows he will be dumped by the establishment.

Corbyn Cameron

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Wake up

Wake up, smell the coffee and get angry

I want you to watch this video. I am not in politics for myself, I am in politics for my parents who are both now dead, my daughters, my Grandchildren and their Grandchildren. Their friends and families and those who are unable to stand up for themselves. This will take some watching but at least watch it. Click the image.


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Some publicity at last

This story has missed the front pages of our newspapers and it has hardly featured on TV, only Chanel 4 has been running this story. However, it looks as if it may be about to get the attention it must have. This is a story of national importance and it’s investigation is fundamental to our democracy.

Election Fraud

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